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Welcome to RiverSong!

RiverSong, women sharing our joy of creating harmony with the best instrument in the world, the human voice.  To feel the ring of a locked 4-part chord is magical!!

7 Jul. 2014 Posted by Debra.French

RiverSong to Perform at Imagine Eleven for 2nd year

RiverSong performs Sunday night, July 20, as part of the FREE Imagine Eleven Summer Concert series! 

12 Jan. 2014 Posted by Donna.Turk

Mission: Enchanted

RiverSong performed Mission:  Enchanted at Plain Jane's Music Hall on Dec 18, 2014.  What a show!  Miss Elle Toe was given the responsibility to get the home ready for Christmas while the family was out.  What she didn't know was that she would have a trainee, Holley Berry.  Miss Elle Toe and Holley Berry have one problem after another - the instructions were destroyed, the scroll is missing, the snow globe talks, a neighbor comes to check the house, Phillipes Naughty Dog runs around and barks all the time,  presents and ornaments dance and there isn't an angel to top the Christmas tree.  Despite these obstacles the angels have the home ready when the family returns!