Come Sing With Us!!

An Amazing A Cappella Adventure!

THOUSANDS OF VOICES : You can become part of an organization of nearly 30.000 women from all over the world who enjoy singing four-part harmony in the barbeshop style!

QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT THROUGH EDUCATION : You will learn music and vocal production in addition to choreography, stage production, costuming, makeup and much more!  Training and certifiction programs re available to you in the area of directing, arranging, judging, teaching, personal growth , and leadership.

ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE : Hone your musical performance skills at regional competitions.  Rehearse weekly and attend regional education events, chorus competitions and quartet competitions each year.  These events provide opportunities for memorable fellowship, harmony, and knowledge.

JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT : We all need time for pleasure a relaxation.  As a member you'll discover fun social activities, a worldwide circle of friends, and comunity service projects that benefit our hometown.

HARMONIZE THE WORLD : Singing, learning and performing are pleasures you deserve!  It's a hobby that brings joy and harmony into your life.  Email us at [email protected]